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      Welcome to Shenzhen Yinke Intelligent Co.,Ltd!

      Service Hotline:400-0330-118

      A6 Smart 5G mobile phone

      Obsidian Black

      YINKE A6 uses a 7nm process 5G chip, dual-mode 5G, extremely fast Internet; 5000mAh large battery, long battery life, with fast charging and quick blood recovery, you don’t have to worry about running out of battery when you go out for a day; 8 million front lens, showing you natural softness Self-portraits are more beautiful if you take a portrait.

      Dual-mode 5G 7nm process 5G chip

      5000mAh large battery 5% power standby for 28 hours

      128G large capacity can install 450+ TV series

      6.7-inch large display FHD+ ultra-clear resolution 1080*2400

      AI four-camera flash 48MP ultra-clear main camera

      Hidden side fingerprint recognition Capacitive fingerprint, one touch to open

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      Overview Specifications

      A6 智能5G手機(圖1) 

      A6 智能5G手機(圖2)

      A6 智能5G手機(圖3)

      A6 智能5G手機(圖4)

      A6 智能5G手機(圖5)

      A6 智能5G手機(圖6)

      A6 智能5G手機(圖7)

      A6 智能5G手機(圖8)

      A6 智能5G手機(圖9)

      Dimensions and weight

      Length: about 165mm

      Width: about 78mm

      Thickness: about 10.2mm

      Weight: about 216g

      *The above length, width, thickness and weight data (excluding the factory film) are the data of Yinke laboratory. The actual data of the fuselage may be different due to the manufacturing process and measurement methods.

      Memory combination

      6+128 GB   8+128GB

      Display screen

      A6 智能5G手機(圖1) 

      Screen-to-body ratio: about 93%

      Size: 6.71 inches (calculated based on the rectangular right angle of the screen)

      Resolution: 2400x1080 FHD+

      Rear camera

      Main camera Aperture f/1. 8

      Rear main camera 48 million pixels wide angle 118.8° aperture f/2.2 8 million pixels

      Macro 2 million

      Sub-photograph 30W

      Front camera

      8,000,000 pixels


      Support facial recognition

      Support fingerprint payment

      Hardware parameters

      Processor model: Dimensity 5G chip 7nm process

      CPU core number: eight-core frequency 2.0GHz

      Battery capacity: 5000mAh

      Charger: 15W (5V3A

      Network frequency band

      2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz

      2G: CDMA BC0 ( 800MHz )

      3G: CDMA2000 BC0 ( 800MHz)

      3G: UMTS(WCDMA) bands 1/2/4/5/6/8/19

      4G: TD-LTE bands 34/38/39/40/41(160MHz)

      4G: LTE FDD bands 1/2/3/4/5/7/8

      5G  n1/3/41/77/78/79(support SA/NSA)


      Light sensor / gravity sensor / gyroscope / support step function


      A6 智能5G手機(圖2) 

      Packing list

      Host x1 Data cable x1 Charger x1 SIM card pin x1 Protective sleeve x1 Quick start guide x1 Warranty card x1



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